7 Reasons Why You Should Carry This Item With You At All Times To Boost Your Retention Game

7 reasons why you should always carry a notebook.

Today I’m going to share with you a life hack that is going to change your self-development game and boost your retention abilities to the next level. Allowing you to share even more value with those around you than ever before. The best thing is that it’s so simple, effective and cost you next to nothing to implement. So here are the 7 reasons why you should carry a notebook with you at all times!

Reason 1

Firstly, it’s is a great space to write down your ideas the moment they come to you. There is nothing worse than reading something of real value and saying to yourself, “I’ll remember that for later” as it’ll be a great thing to share with others and then completely forgetting it a day later. It’s quick and easy to grab your notepad out of your pocket and jot down the value you’d like to share with others at another time.

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Reason 2

Notebooks can help you organize your life when you’re feeling overwhelmed with too much information. Notebooks are a great tool to write down anything of importance that you need to get boxed off shortly but haven’t yet made any time to sort. They are also a great tool to help you prioritise your tasks into a level of importance, helping you to get the most important things done when they need to be.

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Reason 3

Notebooks are super portable and easily referenced when looking for the last nugget of value you wrote down. You no longer need to carry around a massive book with you everywhere you go. You can get yourself a pocket-sized notebook for as little as £0.99! (WHS UK) A small price to pay to help you remember every bit of value you wish to share with your audience. This is the one I use as it’s pocket-sized, holds a pen and has a page divided so you don’t have to search trying to find your last page.

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Reason 4

Notebooks can also be a great tool to journal your thoughts each day. They can help you with self-reflection, and allow you to look back on your moods, thoughts and periods of life to show the progress that you’re making in life. It’s not always easy to see how much you’ve achieved on a day by day basis but writing everything down allows you to do this quite well.

Reason 5

A great place to store all of your goals all in one place is in your notebook. They are all in one place and can be readily reviewed keeping them fresh in your mind, helping you to stay inspired and on track. I tend to write my goals down daily to re-affirm them in my mind and to help me stay on track to achieving them. I find that I lose focus on my goals and stray off the beaten path to achieving them if I don’t write them down each day. Try this nifty technique and let’s know if you found it helpful.

Reason 6

Writing in a notebook will make you smarter! Yes, you read that right. Writing your valuable thoughts and ideas down will make you smarter. It will keep your retention levels higher than average and allow you to remember more of what you read and share. Studies show that you remember as much as 70% more when writing something down than if you just read it to yourself. That’s an insane retention level to tap into just by taking a few seconds out of your day to write it down.

Reason 7

Last but not least, my favourite reason to carry a notebook around with you is… If you make your content for your social media channels like I do, having all of your life-changing nuggets of value at your fingertips to choose from is a life and time saver. This helps you to make valuable content at a moment’s notice and be able to share something valuable with your tribe. How’s that for an epic life hack?

As you may have guessed by now I like to keep my blog post simple, short and to the point. This is why I choose to reference my top reasons for carrying my notebook as simple as possible so you can pick out the important information to you quickly saving your most valuable asset, TIME. I hope you got value from this post, let us know what you enjoyed the most and leave a comment below.

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