Todoist – The App That Simplifies Life

If you can resonate with any of the below, this post is a MUST READ! It’s all because you don’t use Todoist.

Todoist on desktop.
Todoist app on mobile device.

Pains & Problems

  • Lack of results
  • Never completing your todo list
  • Constant feeling of too much to do and no time to do it
  • Having trouble organising personal or business projects
  • No idea how to begin prioritising your important tasks
  • Want a quick fix to improve your productivity overnight

If one of the pain points above has struck a chord with you then I’m glad to be able to offer you a viable solution to your problem today, and best of all, it’s free!

What’s The Solution?

Today I’m going to introduce you to Todoist! The app is going to help you take your productivity game to the next level. This app does simplify life as it allows you to take everything out of your head and put it all under one roof. No more scratching your head at 09:05 trying to remember what you promised your boss you’d sort out for them while at your desk today. It’s going to put you ahead of the rest when it comes to increasing your daily productivity. The Todoist app is intuitive, simple to use and makes smashing out your daily routine of tasks and project milestones a breeze.

How Does It Work

My Todoist home screen for representation purposes.

The Basics

So to the left is a screenshot of the last few tasks left on my Todoist app left for completion today. You’ll notice a colour code system on the left-hand side. This is to highlight the level of importance of the task. It works like this…

P1 Urgent & Important

P2 Important & Not urgent

P3 Urgent & Unimportant

P4 Unimportant & Not urgent

This system of prioritisation is called the “Eisenhower Matrix”, check it out HERE

As you begin to populate your to-do list with your tasks and the level of importance you deem them to have, it’ll begin to look like this. Just laying out your lists like this alone will help you start achieving what’s important to you right now instead of thinking you are busy doing the small stuff.

A Notch Deeper

If you like to split your tasks up into categories and use tags so it doesn’t look so daunting, we can also do this by setting up what’s called a project.

Projects are great for breaking down those bigger tasks that need to be broken down into bite-sized chunks. They make ticking off tasks in your to-do list a lot more manageable and you’re able to keep tabs on your daily progress too! I have created a short clip on how to set up a project and then assign a task to it.

Set A Reminder

If a task has to be completed at a certain time and we need to add a simple reminder, here’s how we set one up in 20 seconds or less.

The great thing about Todoist also is that you can sync it up to your Google/ICal calendar and have all of our scheduled tasks appear there too.

Inviting A Collaborator

Another cool feature about projects is that you can invite collaborators. You can invite anyone just by adding in their email address. You’re never alone when using Todoist so you can get the help you need to get the tasks done even quicker. Here’s how to do it in under 30 seconds.

This feature becomes particularly useful when using the “P4” not urgent not important. As it will allow you to delegate the tasks that are undesirable and don’t require your full attention, therefore can be assigned to someone else.


So what have we learnt about Todoist other than it’s the productivity app of gods!


  • You can streamline your whole to-do list and rank all tasks in order of priority
  • It’s possible to break down your bigger tasks into projects or sub-tasks if you wish to make them more manageable
  • We can invite other collaborators to our projects to help speed up the list progress and completion rate
  • That Todoist is super easy to use even for beginners when it comes to personal productivity
  • It allows you to map out your day beforehand helping you to keep a clear head and achieve what’s important to you

I hope you got value from this post and take up this opportunity to begin smashing your own productivity goals today! To start your first Todoist to-do list click HERE

Lucas Newton

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  1. Great post. It’s too easy to get overwhelmed with all the tasks you’ve set out to do but when you can order them in a way of doing the highest priority tasks first it reduces overwhelm 👍

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