The Greatest Trait for Success

Benefits and Strategies for Enhancing Self-Confidence

Let’s kick this post off with a fresh quote!

Believe in yourself when nobody else does.

Mary J. Blige

On each of our self-development journies to success, whatever that looks like to us, are going to encounter many obstacles, roadblocks and naysayers. All have the real possibility to stop us in our tracks and end our epic voyage if we let them, stopping us from attaining what it is we want most in an instant. Many never even reach this stage in their journey, firstly because they failed to even begin. There is something you will need to do to move forwards past your current setbacks and up the ladder. Past the negative people, problems and self-doubt, otherwise, you too will struggle to succeed. You will need to know the greatest trait for success.

Chess Figures King and Queen. The greatest trait for success. Benefits and Strategies for Enhancing Self-Confidence

You, Will, Need To

You’ll notice that when life is going well and everything is going to plan, you don’t need to reassure yourself of your capabilities. However, when times are testing, people are doubting you and you’re growing, the self-doubt begins to kick in. It’s during these times when you need to believe with every fibre in your body that you’re confident in your plan, your ability to execute it and your worthiness of what it is you’re going to achieve. Without this, you’ll likely succumb to the doubting voice in your head and those who never believed in you, proving them right all along.

If you don’t believe in yourself you may,

  • Feel like you’re not worthy of what it is you desire
  • Appear unmotivated and uninspired to achieve your goals
  • Believe you have little to no self-worth, therefore, have low self-esteem
  • And most importantly, have no confidence to act and take the necessary steps to become your vision of success

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.

Winston Churchill

How To Believe In Yourself And Become Confident

For some people reading this, they may believe that being confident has always eluded them. They’re just not the confident type, are introverted and always will be. This is just not the case as I believe that anyone can go from truly being a non-confident introvert to an extremely confident (not arrogant) extrovert, just by tweaking a few things. It’s the things we say to ourselves that boost or decrease our confidence. Also what body language we choose to give out around others determines how we feel from within.

I’m going to list a few simple hacks to give you instant confidence, and if applied daily can have a profound effect on your daily wellbeing.


Look in the mirror each morning before beginning your day and tell yourself how confident you are. I don’t just mean say “today I’m confident” completely emotionless with no meaning, I mean feel it, deep within yourself. Light a new roaring fire inside of you that leaves you feeling empowered and ready to seize the day! Repeat this for 30 days and watch yourself transform before your own eyes.


Whenever you’re walking in public, down the high street or in a shopping centre surrounded by people, keep your chin up and shoulder back. By keeping your chin up and shoulders back you’re asserting your dominant stance or if you will a “Power Pose” that ignites inner confidence. Don’t believe me? Try it today and take note of how you feel, repeated daily to increase self-confidence.


A quick way to boost your confidence is to maintain eye contact with others when talking with them, or even a complete stranger if you’re feeling bold! I don’t mean be the bus psycopath and stair aimlessly into their soul, just hold eye contact for a few moments longer than what you would’ve normally. This is a quick win to show off your new level of confidence when engaging in conversation with others and to also see that you’re not alone in the world in feeling a little low in confidence. We’re all human and offer feel the same as one another without even knowing.


The best traid that you’re going to need to become the best, most successful version of yourself is SELF-CONFIDENCE. It’s going to help YOU lead YOU through all of the trials and tribulations that you encounter on your personal growth journey. It’s going to keep you moving forward when others thought you’d failed. More importantly it’s going to allow you to truly become who you were meant to be for those around you.

I hope you utilise the hacks offered above and put them to good use, remember: Repetition is key. To boost that innder confident you out of your shell and into the life you know you’re heading for. Be confident, be you!

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