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Below are resources I recommend, books I’ve read, courses I’ve done and things I think you will find beneficial

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Our recommendations are based on our experience with and knowledge of these companies and their products. We recommend them because they are genuinely helpful and useful and not because of the small commissions we may receive.

Please don’t spend any money on these products unless you believe they will help you achieve or move you closer to your goals.

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Tiers of Freedom

The most comprehensive wealth program that I know of which has had a massive impact on my Journey, starting out on tier 3, the idea is to work your way up to tier one, build a solid foundation and that first starts with getting your mindset right. Build wealth the right way.

Check it out <Here>

Plan Your Dream Life Workbook

Download our workbook to map out your dream life.
In order to get to where you want in life and arrive at the end destination you’re going to require a road map. Use this workbook to map out your life

Get your copy HERE

Rich Dad Poor Dad

This was one of the first self-development books I read which lead me to read more and more self-development books

This book will certainly give you a fresh perspective on trading time for money and make you focus more on building up your asset column

Check it out HERE


Monzo the online bank that completely changed my money game. One of the best banking resources available to us all. You can have separate pots for different expenses.

I have around 6 different pots which act as sub-accounts. You can pay direct debits out of selected pots and one feature I love is getting paid early.

Once you see your salary waiting to go in you can usually claim it at 4PM the day before.

Claim your free £5 when you sign up

Check out Monzo Here:

Kindle | Now with a built-in front light

Having a Kindle has been a huge money saver for me especially if you know where and how to download books.

It’s great to be able to carry around with you anywhere so instead of scrolling through your phone when you’re waiting around you can get a few pages read.

The highlight feature is great being able to go back and find your notes/highlights easier.

One thing i would say is to also get a case as the last thing you want is to crack the screen

Check it out here

If you are a little hard up keep an eye on this as they often reduce it, when I brought mine it was £44.99.

The Millionaire Next Door

This book is an eye-opener when it comes to how millionaires spend their money, a few things you will learn or read about in this book are 1. They live well below their means – They are frugal, frugal, frugal. They make more than they can spend. Pretty cool.

2. They allocate their time, energy, and money efficiently, in ways that increase wealth, buying appreciating assets rather than depreciating

3. They believe that financial independence is more important than displaying high social status and keeping up with the Joneses

There are lots of surveys within this book, and they certainly, change your perspective on spending money on materialistic things

You can find the book HERE

The Richest Man In Babylon

One of my favourite finance books, the thing I like about this book is that its story-based, nice easy read and the principles can still be applied to today’s finances

A PART OF ALL YOU EARN IS YOURS TO KEEP. It should not be less than a tenth no matter how little you earn.” 

Check it out HERE

Eisenhower Matrix Tool

The Eisenhower Matrix is a simple tool for considering the long-term outcomes of your daily tasks and focusing on what will make you most effective, not just most productive, we often tend to be busy but not productive but when you prioritise you whats important and what tasks need doing first everything becomes clearer, <Check it out here>

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