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Brules are “bullshit rules,” according to Vishen. These brules are based on what we think society wants from us. Brules follow the do/be mechanism. We must do something in order to be something

We have an opportunity each day to make our existence what we want it to be. We all have a multitude of options that we can choose to take or put off taking. We can choose to live our lives by the Brules that others brainwash us to live by because that is all they know. Or we can choose to live life on our terms and by our values. Remember this today…

Who says you have to go to a deadbeat job for 5 days a week for minimal wage wishing it was Friday already?

Who says you can’t just up sticks and go travelling without any prior planning and reservations because it’s just not how you do it?

Who says you can’t have whatever you value most from your heart just because no one else is brave enough to go after it?

The Masses

Remember this, the masses live their life like a flock of sleep forever being guided by the rest of society’s uninspiring brules but you don’t have to. You have got the golden goose opportunity every day you’re blessed to wake up, and to be able to create, do, be, have and say whatever you want.

To help put things into a new light for you think about life like this. If you didn’t go to work tomorrow, what would happen? You’d probably get a phone call asking why you didn’t turn up for your shift. The next day you’d probably get an AWAL but what has changed? You probably wouldn’t keep your job there but does it matter in the grand scheme of things? Is there another job you could get if you wanted one? Yes.

If you didn’t pay your rent for one month you might get a little slack from your landlord and be asked to pay slightly more for a few months to pay it back but you’d still have somewhere to live. maybe if you missed 2 months they might ask you to leave. does that mean you’d be forever homeless? no, you can find somewhere cheaper and possibly better to live that suits your needs.

Good and Bad

The 2 situations above are heavily deemed to be ‘bad’ and we must never encounter them ourselves otherwise life will be terrible, stressful and people may think different of us. But the real question is who says what’s good and what’s bad? who determines what is right and what’s wrong? Remember this, people that are no better than you or I do. This is a prime example of a Brule, a rule that has been made up by someone else no better or worse than you or I that they believe in and it is universally accepted by the masses and we’re subject to its terms and conditions without challenging it.

That is not a life, that’s just remaining part of the flock being forever guided by what everyone says does and thinks. Never truly finding out what you feel, think, want to do say and be. You can’t live your inspired life by following what everyone else does, you have to learn what it is you were meant to be, have and do, how you’re going to make a dent in the universe you’ve been blessed to be a part of today, here and now.

No one can determine what is right or wrong for you to do. You’re the captain of your ship and can take it wherever you wish but in exchange, you have to take full responsibility for getting yourself there. Remember these Brules are right and wrongs, do’s and don’t made up by the masses and then you’re expected to live by these to conform to a standard. However, you have the choice, the ability to make your life different, to be whom you want one.

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