Positive Thinking: Why it’s All in Your Head

Positive thinking is like a muscle if you’re not used to it, you’ll need to practice and train yourself. We move through life at lightning speed in 2022 with little consideration and thought. We rarely take the time to think for ourselves and make quality decisions as most of the thinking has already been done for us. Our devices and company policy gives us a limited framework to operate from and decisions to make. This doesn’t bode well for us when it comes to developing, strengthening and using our positive mindset.

When you notice yourself thinking negatively, ask yourself, what would be a more positive way to look at this?

When you do finally catch a break to think for yourself and register what type of thoughts you’re thinking. You can begin to assess how influential they’re being on your current outlook and whether you need to adapt and change them. For example are they making your already ‘bad day’ even worse because they have clouded your perspective? Or, are you and your thoughts seeking a silver lining to the experiences of your day, looking for personal growth options? Can you see that you have a choice to make that can make or break your day? Only by becoming conscious of your thoughts and asking yourself the right questions can you then begin to develop the positive mindset and approach to solving life’s problems.

Positive Thinking: Why it's All in Your Head
Positive Mindset, Positive Life

Some great questions to ask yourself

  • Is my current perspective correct and a factual representation of what is happening or happened?
  • What can I take from this experiences that will help me to grow and become better than I already am?
  • Are my current thoughts leading me to believe this situation is worse that it really is?

NOTE: I just want to highlight here that although the Positive Mindset approach is a great one to have in life. However, it’s ok not to operate from it 100% of the time as you’re only human. It’s ok to go through a shit life event and wonder what the hell has just happened to you. This would be only natural and if anything makes you more human. We all have emotions that we need to be conscious of and be able to process correctly in order to move on and grow. I’d be a hypocrite if I said I ALWAYS use my positive mindset and am never negative about anything in life! I have character building days just as much as everyone else.

Whether you choose to accept what I have to say to you next will determine the quality of your future. You’re in full control of what thoughts you choose to focus your attention on and think about at all times. If you disagree with this then you’re likely to be operating out of a Victim Mindset. The poor me, I’m a victim and cannot help myself out of the situation I find myself in and will do nothing about it. Don’t be that guy or gal, you’re better than this.

You might be wondering, how do you resolve the current NAT (negative automatic thought) situation going on in your head and begin to swap them out for more positive outlook? Here’s a quick process you can follow to begin creating and nurturing your positive mindset.

Follow The Leader

  • Develop your level of consciousness and start registering your NAT’s when you are going through them in your mind, then and there.
  • Ask yourself what may have provoked this train of thought? A person, place, activity, music, task? These can all be trigger that start this negative thought loop.
  • This next step is the key one! You can either choose to keep focusing on the problem and NAT. You can choose to try and resolve the problem itself to irradiate it totally, therefore loosing the NAT. Lastly, you can place your focus onto something else that is going to benefit your growth, mood and mindset

Impact positivity on others!

Encourage others and celebrate their progress too. This will bring more positivity into your own life as well! By helping your inner circle celebrate what’s going well in their lives you too will benefit from their success. It will help you to take your mind away from any NAT’s that you’re processing and growing from yourself. Whether you choose to use others success as a stepping stone for your own or just to help you take your mind away to another place it’s up to you but I know it’s helped me in the past. As the saying goes “what goes around, comes around” spread positivity and joy and you shall to receive it yourself.

The power of positive thinking can help you to achieve great things!

Lastly, I just want to tap into how choosing a positive mindset over any other can help you achieve great things. Just by choosing to have a perspective of positivity, optimism and growth you’re already ahead of the masses. Most people will always operate from a limited, fixed mindset that repels growth and opportunity to grow. Choose to see options and solutions in your life and I’m sure as shit you will achieve more than you believe you can, 100%. If you can remain optimistic when times get hard and the pain is intense you will go a long way ahead of the rest.


I believe it was David Goggins who said “When your body is telling you to stop and give up, you’ve still got another 40% in you ready to deploy.” Moral of the story is when you want to give in, keep going and find a new you at the finish line!

I hope you got value from this post, if so don’t forget to leave a comment below and tell us what you think.

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