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There are over three-quarters of a million podcasts available for you to access at the end of your fingertips. Thousands of different genres help you to keep your mind engaged and intrigued about what’s possible for you. And here we’re today introducing you to another self-development podcast that is going to magically make your life complete! This podcast is going to have the solution to all of your pains and problems guaranteed… I beg to differ! We don’t claim to have all of the life-changing answers to your pains and problems, but we do promise to add substantial value to your life. I and Craig aim to cram in as much actionable value as we can to each podcast episode we release to you. We plan on doing this by offering you a variety of things in each episode…

  • Quality experts in the field of self-development.
  • Actionable tips, tricks, hacks and frameworks that you can implement into your life right away.
  • Helping you to experience exponential personal growth and development.
  • Book/audiobook recommendations that we’ve read and got the most value from and made a measurable impact in our lives.
  • Just I and Craig being authentic in who we’re and the valuable message we have to share with you.

Today we want to introduce to you The Five Star Thoughts Podcast!

The Five Star Thoughts Podcast Logo. 5 Stars, majestic gold/black tree with roots.
Five Start Thoughts Podcast Logo

Why Listen To Us?

So I hear you saying “why should I even give you the time of day and listen to your podcast”. Because we believe the value we want to share with you is worth knowing and will make a difference in your life. We promise to only share what we know works and has made a difference in our own lives because we’ve tested it already. No matter where you’re at in your personal growth journey we’ve got something for you to make your journey easier. The Five Star Thoughts podcast will act as your guide, your blueprint to follow to the results you desire in your life. That’s not to say you won’t have to put in the work to get them, but we’ll be on hand to help you get there 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Sneak Peak

The hot topics that we plan to talk through with you are going to challenge everything you’ve ever known. We plan to break you out of the culturescape and the bulls*** rules that have been forever holding you back. We’re going to get passionate about what we’re talking about, so if that offends you, this is your warning. If you’re a rigid rule follower and like to do life by the book, then this is also not the podcast for you. This podcast can either make you into who you were meant to be or round you up back to the flock. Here’s a sneak peek into the life-changing value we’re going to share with you…

  • Why the masses don’t invest in their personal growth but should.
  • Why motivation can only get you so far on your journey.
  • How investing a small amount each month can put you into the top 10% of the population.
  • The key to destroying limiting beliefs that have been holding you back for years.
  • How to quit your uninspiring 9 to 5 in exchange for your inspired life.
  • How to increase your confidence 10 fold in just 5 minutes.
  • Lastly, how to become a master at becoming yourself.

To listen to the podcast now, click here. 🎧 Don’t forget to LIKE, REVIEW & SHARE IT!

So now that I’ve done enough hyping of how awesome this podcast is going to be for you, here’s the next bit. I want you to drop us a DM here and let us know what else you’d like us to do an episode on and what guest speakers you’d like to hear from.


  • The Five Star Thoughts podcast is now available to listen to HERE.
  • Remember to LIKE, SHARE, RATE & REVIEW IT!
  • We only share actionable value that is going to be life-changing.
  • Get in touch HERE to tell us what you think!

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