Is your mindset holding you back?

Are you trading time for money?

want to get out of the rat run?

How do you change your mindset?

Working class mentality

You often hear go to school work hard and get a good job, work your way up the ladder and earn a good wage. I feel school nowadays is out dated, yes it was fine when people were learning to go into the industrial revolution, learning the basics and the importance of punctuality. Our school system is around 200 years old and we still to this day base everything on the same concepts.

Working class mentality will hold you back.

You hear our parents telling us the only way we get anywhere in life is by working hard. When in reality it requires determination, self belief and surrounding yourself with people who want to achieve more. Work smarter not harder. If schools were to teach finances then people wouldn’t get into such bad situations with their finances or certainly fewer people would. How many people leave school get a job and have no idea about any kind of taxes, don’t know about assets and liabilities and have never seen a balance sheet. We are left to find these out the hard way. Most are told by their parents who have been taught by their parents, Passing there ways down the generations. Until you get someone who’s thinking differently wants more in life then working for 65 years to then retire.

Time is our most valuable asset

I personally feel we as a society are so stuck in our ways that there is only one way to make money and that is by trading our time for money, while this is how 90% of the world work this is not how the riches do it. This mindset is what holds us all back, getting stuck in this rat run of life where we go to work get paid at the end of the month, we pay out bills get some food shopping, accumulate more debt and wait for our next paycheck and this cycle continues until we’re in our 60’s and retire. Wishing every week away to get to the weekend so we can do the things we want to do by doing this we are basically wishing our lives away. Why not do something about it now and retire when you want to retire rather then the age the corporates say you can retire. why not find your purpose and turn this into an income doing what you really want to be doing.

The average pension pot (in the UK) is £87,000.

The average life expectancy is 77.

This means if you retire at 65, you have 87,000 to last you 12 years which is around £600 per month and that is if you only live till your 77

Mindset is everything.

How can i change my mindset?

Find your purpose

Spend a day alone and think honestly about what you want to achieve in this life. This notion can seem a bit vague at the beginning.

For example, it’s very likely most of us would say that we want to be happy and successful. But take the time to look deeper into what these concepts mean to you. Your purpose might be to do something meaningful every day, or make the world a better place by doing what you love. Your aim can be to grow every year — personally and professionally.

You can also lay down more concrete goals for yourself. For example, spend all weekends with your family, grow your income or take more self development courses. In this case, try setting specific time frames for achieving these milestones.

Self help books

Self development.

Read read read! There is so many good books out there about mindset, if you don’t have time to read get an audible subscription, listen to your book on your way to work, while your in the shower or even just sitting on the toilet. can literally listen anywhere. If you look into most of the big companies you will see that they spend around 10% on research and development. As the saying goes learning is earning!


There is other ways to invest your money.

Property isn’t be all and end all there is smarter ways to invest!

  1. Most people work all their lives paying for a home they never own
  2. Property taxes can suddenly be increased without notice
  3. Houses do not always go up in value
  4. Opportunity costs are tremendous because when all your money is tied up in your house, there will be no money left to invest in income generating assets
  5. Owning you own house its more of a liability then an assets, yes your house my be “worth” x amount of money, but what good is it having an “asset” when it doesn’t bring in another income. frozen liquidity.

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