Have You Ever Had This Feeling?

You’re sitting on a chair, the is sun beaming in through the nearest window beginning to warm the side of your face and your palms are beginning to sweat. You can hear the hustle and bustle of the various doctors and nurses out in the corridor as you wait. You’re in the doctor’s office contemplating why you haven’t already done everything you’ve wanted to with your life. The majestic Caribbean holidays, the luxury sports cars that you’ve dreamed of owning since you were a kid and of course the bachelor pad with the pool on the balcony overlooking the sea. More importantly, all of the things you should’ve said to the closest people in your life, parents, siblings and close friends, like how much you appreciate what they’ve done for you and how you couldn’t have made it this far without them.

You hear the door begin to open and the doctor walks through with his papers in his hand, more than likely the test results of your latest scan. A rush of anxiety begins to heighten and reaches its peak where you begin to brace yourself for the worst news that your brain can delude you with at the time. Months to live, painful death, more surgery, painful more surgery and whatever else could come your way! The doctor smiles briefly before he takes a rather large confident swig of coffee from his mug just before he breaks the silence for what was to come next. “You’re all clear,” he said, you pause for a moment to digest his words and to thank whoever it is that is smiling down on your ass right now. The tension, overwhelm and debilitating stress is automatically released from your body with a giant sigh whilst burying your head in your hands, “thank you, doctor, I’m relieved, to say the least!”

Have you ever experienced the emotions, feelings or situation above when you believe your life is going to be cut short and the fact you’ve done absolutely nothing in life yet that you wanted to? You’ve let life run away with you and let the daily stresses take over your physical body and mind causing you physical symptoms of pain and discomfort. You got too zoomed in on all of life’s perceived problems and began to lose focus on what is most important to you and what you value most in your life. You now realise this is one of life’s wake up calls, to chill the fuck out and re-focus your life and what you want to do with it. My first question to you while you read further on in this post is

“Why do we let it get to this point in the first place”

Do we forget that life is not just about exchanging our most valuable asset our TIME for a minimal wage to pay all of the bills and put food on the table, although that does help I know? It’s as if we forget to make our lives fun, enjoyable and exciting and to find out what we’re made of whilst in search of our life’s true purpose and meaning. We get too sucked into the daily grind and forget to live a life that inspires us and keeps us in constant stages of personal growth and development.

How do we stop and reset?

We need to know there is a problem before we can deal with it right? If you have already received one of life’s little warnings to check yourself before you wreck yourself then now is your time to act. If you feel as though life is also getting on top of you but haven’t quite hit the stage where your body and mind are beginning to sabotage themself to highlight the issue then I’d also suggest following the nuggets of gold I’m about to give you below so you avoid it altogether.

I’m going to walk you through a short version of my quick Path Finder process to help you gain clarity on what’s important in your life at this moment and how you can begin to change your direction to where it is you see yourself wanting to go.

  1. Grab yourself a piece of paper and a pen! (Writing things down is more beneficial I believe and helps you retain the information you’re about to receive for up to 70% longer than if you typed it)
  2. Write down 3 answers for each question.

What do you want to BE – Do – and – HAVE in your life?

3. Now that we have some rough guidelines of what it is that inspires you and light the flame of excitement from deep within, how can we make this happen?

“You can’t eat an elephant all in one go, but in bite-size chunks”

With the 3 answers that we thought of for each question, we should now know what it is that we want to see come to fruition in our lives and there is only one way it’s going to happen, by making it happen!

For each thing that you said you wanted to be, do and have in your life list each one separately on another piece of paper and begin to track back breaking the goal down into actionable bite-sized chunk tasks that you manage. All we’re doing here is breaking the bigger possibly overwhelming goal down so that we can make it a lot easier to achieve and see a clear route of progression to attaining what it is that we want in life.

By re-focusing our energy on what it is that we want in our life gives us a new sense of purpose and direction helping us to drop out of the zoomed-in view on life that got us into the hole we found ourselves in earlier on, totally forgetting what life is all about.

I hope this post has given you some food for thought on what it is you want to achieve from the very short time we do get to spend on this earth and that we should never take it for granted. Live each day as your last and if you are not enjoying what you’re doing make the positive decision to change and never look back.

Lucas Newton

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