When Was The Moment You Decided To Change?

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    Craig Prickett

    When Was The Moment You Decided To Change?

    The saying goes that change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change…

    When it comes to change there is usually a pivotal moment in your life when you decide that enough is enough and things have to change…would love to hear what yours was.

    making a decision is the first step towards change (self Development)

    So for me, if you don’t, know my back story it was when we were struggling with money

    We were struggling to meet the minimum repayments on debts, didn’t know how we were going to afford to buy food, it was a real struggle… then one day I decided that’s enough, I’ve had it living like this…

    People think it takes a lifetime to change but really all it takes is a moment, the moment you decide.

    Ever since a young age I’ve always questioned the system. The going to school, then university to get a job to work until your 65 to then be able to sit back and enjoy what’s left…

    I believe the system is designed to keep people enslaved into the economic script that is the rat race

    Once you leave school and go into the real world most haven’t got a clue about money or real life, which is why so many end up inundated in debt which then keeps people trapped in the system of working to pay the bills/bank.

    So for me when I decided enough is enough, I was searching for ways of increasing my income when I was introduced to forex trading, which I loved learning about but at first, went about it all the wrong way which resulted in me losing around 2k

    At the time this was devastating for me but reflecting back this was just an expensive lesson, one which lead me on the path of self-development

    I immersed myself in reading, studying and bettering myself.

    As Jim Rohn famously says, if you want to have more you have to become more, you are paid for the value that you bring to the marketplace.

    and here we are now 2 years on and I’m in a much better position, not just financially, but mentally too

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Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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