Are Your Actions Aligned With Your Values

How often do you say yes to somebody when in your head the last thing you want to be doing is that particular thing you, one of the biggest skills you can work on is your ability to say no when you have a plan and you’ve scheduled in time to work on yourself if someone is trying to steal your time the best thing you can do is say no

Your values play a huge part in your happiness, if you’re living in somebody else’s shadow you’re not going to be fulfilled you will end up unhappy, unfilled and most likely resentful, if you live to your true values then what you will find is you won’t need outside motivation to do the things in your head you planning to do, you’ll naturally gravitate towards doing it.

When you truly are on purpose, the people, resources, and opportunities you need naturally gravitate toward you.

What do you naturally gravitate towards?

When you walk into a supermarket what do you naturally gravitate toward, is it the tech, the clothes, the homeware section, you tend to find that the things you value the most are those in which you gravitate towards. I often hear people say that that value wealth building but in reality what they are valuing is spending, buying gifts, going on nights out and generally just buying depreciating assets, if they had a true value on wealth building they would have money saved up, money invested, assets working for them generating them more money, they would buy appreciating assets rather than depreciating.

In one of Dr John Demartini book, there is a bit where he is talking about being at a seminar and a lady in the crowd was there with her son, she had labelled her son as had others as “learning disabled” But what was really happening was that the young boy’s values didn’t align with what was being taught, we must be careful with the labels we allow to be placed upon us as well as what we label ourselves, the two most powerful words in the English dictionary are I am, be mindful of how you use these words the subconscious mind is always working, even when you are sleeping After getting the boy to stand up Dr John DeMartini spoke to the boy and asked him a few questions, to find out what the boy enjoyed doing, what was his passion etc, after a short conversation Dr John DeMartini turned to the mother and said, there’s nothing wrong with this boy, the boy had a particular interest in ice hockey and knew everything about it, anything about ice hockey you asked the lad and he would tell you the answer, so what Dr John DeMartini then done was asked what subject, in particular, the boy was struggling with at school, the boy replied that he struggled a lot with maths, after working with the boy for a while on how he could link his lowest value tasks with his highest value and how learning maths would benefit his ice hockey the boy then applied himself
and was able to pass that class…

The moral of the story is if you don’t value something highly enough you won’t want to learn it, think back to when you was at school, maybe you didn’t do very well or felt like you struggled, chances are you just didn’t value it highly enough, I know when I was at school a lot of the stuff being taught I thought, well what am I going to use this for so I just wasn’t interested, aa lot of the time the state of mind was boredom and if your mind is bored there’s is no way it’s going to remember what’s being taught, in order to learn, remember and to be able to recall what you’re learning there needs to be excitement, curiosity and most importantly emotions attached to it, if you can hit all those points when learning a new subject you’re more likely to remember it

I Feel Like I should, Have To, Need To…

If you find yourself saying any of these things then chances are you’re doing something that isn’t truly aligned with your values and you’re trying to live somebody else’s life, if your saying, oh I should, need to, ought to, anything along those lines, chances are your values are elsewhere, if you reframe how you say things, such as I want to, I love to, I’d like to those things are more in line with what you truly want to be doing.

Live to your values, be your authentic self, do what you want to do, what makes you happy and fulfilled 

You can find Dr John Demarnti Book the value Factor here

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Craig James Prickett.

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