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The Personal Development Journey cycle

The Personal Development Journey Wheel

Take control of your life, the circumstances you find yourself in, if you want to better yourself your personal development is down to you, make it a priory above everything else, schedule in time every single day and make that time non-negotiable

Whatever it is you want to do whether it’s progressing further in your career or learning a new skill to get you out of your job it’s going to require you to put in time and effort into educating yourself, those that say they don’t have time are just expressing that they don’t value that thing highly enough to make time for it, when you value something you find the time, if really want to do something you will find a way, if you don’t you’ll find an excuse

Adopting The Right Mindset

Traits of a fixed mindset are:

  • Sees intelligence and talent as fixed
  • Avoids challenges though fear of failure
  • Believes talent is born not nurtured
  •  Gives up easily and sees ‘failures’ as permanent setbacks
  • Gets jealous of other people’s successes
  • Takes feedback as a personal insult rather than constructive criticism

Traits of a Growth mindset include:

  • Sees intelligence as something that can be acquired over time
  • Takes on challenges and pushes themselves even when uncomfortable (true growth comes from getting outside your comfort zone)
  • Believes that with enough effort and dedication can lead to mastery
  • Sees ‘failures’ as temporary setbacks or learning opportunities
  • Uses criticism as feedback to grow and improve, providing the criticism is from a viable source
Growth Vs Fixed Mindset

“Once your mindset changes, everything on the outside will change along with it.”
Steve Maraboli 

When you are able to see that mastery comes from practising, learning and “failing” and using that failure as an opportunity to learn, you can master anything, every winner was once a beginner, and every master was once a disaster.

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